becky van dijk in a camper in Iceland

Escape With: KuKu Campers, Iceland

Exploring Iceland’s sweeping landscapes and natural wonders is best done at your own pace. Thanks to KuKu Campers, you can cruise the ring road and scenic backroads while having a comfortable campervan home base. With stunning sights around every bend, Iceland begs to be slowly savored.

As Iceland’s top campervan rental company, KuKu Campers equips you with an ideal home on wheels optimized for flexibility and comfort. Their diverse fleet, camping inclusions, and knowledgeable service enable magical self-drive holidays. Experience unparalleled freedom to roam Iceland through the vanlife window.

Below I’ll highlight everything KuKu Campers offers for your dream Iceland road trip. From reviewing the campervan models to showcasing top photography spots, it’s clear why KuKu Campers is the ultimate choice for campervan holidays in Iceland.

Choose Your Ideal Home on Wheels from the Expansive Fleet

With campervans sleeping 2 to 5 travelers, KuKu Campers has the largest and most diverse rental fleet in Iceland. Their range of vehicles ensures you find the perfect campervan for your group size, trip length, and interests.

Small groups and couples can opt for cozy campers like the efficient Category A or Category B. These 2-sleepers maximize comfort in a compact campervan built on nimble Renault Trafic or Ford Transit models.

Larger groups will love spacious 5-sleepers like the Category CA or Category BA built on roomy Mercedes Sprinter or Iveco Daily chassis. These vans allow your crew to spread out with extra benches and beds that convert to seating areas.

Those seeking rugged adventures can tackle Iceland’s highlands in specialized 4X4 campers like the Category D or Category J. These modified 4-wheel drives handle rocky terrain and river crossings.

Convenient amenities like automatic transmission, onboard heaters, WiFi routers, and solar panels upgrade your trip. By offering campervans tailored to each travel style, KuKu Campers ensures the perfect adventure base.

All Camping Essentials Provided for Ultimate Convenience

A major perk of booking with KuKu Campers is the abundance of gear provided for optimal convienence. Their campervans come stocked with tons of handy camping equipment so you can pack light.

Large extras like camping chairs, tables, and coolers enable comfortable roadside relaxation. Each camper includes cookware like pots, pans, plates, and cutlery so you can whip up meals anywhere. Beyond expected items like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, KuKu provides thoughtful touches like coffee presses, playing cards for evenings relaxing by your camper.

With gear for sleeping, cooking, cleaning, and entertainment, KuKu vans truly provide everything needed for smooth travels. Their inclusive camping equipment minimizes luggage while allowing impromptu picnics, cozy nights under the stars, and flexible itineraries. Focus on the journey and sights knowing your campervan comes stocked for adventure.

Insurance Options Provide Peace of Mind on Rugged Iceland Terrain

For peace of mind tackling Iceland’s gravel roads and volatile weather, KuKu Campers offers flexible insurance options. Their standard collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance covers damages up to 3000 Euros with a valid credit card.

For added protection from Iceland’s rugged conditions, you can upgrade to supplemental damage policies:

Bundles like the Golden Insurance Package combine multiple upgrades at a discounted rate. With customized protection, KuKu Campers enables you to relax and focus on creating memorable moments rather than worrying about damages.

Convenient Extras For Glamping-Style Campervan Trips

While KuKu Campers stocks all essentials, they offer additional items for next-level comfort and entertainment during your self-drive holiday. Upgrade your trip with:

With these useful add-ons delivering extra comforts of home, you can craft a luxe campervan escape tailored to your Iceland interests.

Why Choose KuKu Campers Over Competitors?

When selecting your campervan rental for Iceland adventures, KuKu Campers outpaces competitors in several ways:

  • Diverse Fleet Options – With 19 campervan categories spanning 2-5 person models and 4X4 options, KuKu offers the widest selection suited to any trip.
  • Complete Camping Inclusions – From cookware to camping chairs, KuKu vans provide everything to simplify packing and enable impromptu stops.
  • Local Expertise – KuKu’s passionate Iceland-based team loves sharing insider tips and tricks for maximizing your campervan trip.
  • Convenience – Extras like airport transfers, camping passes, wifi hotspots, and flexible insurance simplify logistics.
  • Customer Service – KuKu’s helpful team promptly assists with questions, modifications, or issues to ensure smooth travels.
  • Competitive Value – As Iceland’s largest operator with new optimized vans, KuKu offers top quality and value.

By removing rental headaches while providing exceptional vehicles and service, KuKu Campers creates the ideal campervan experience. Their passion for sharing Iceland’s beauty and adventure makes them a favored choice.

The Best Way to Explore Iceland’s Beauty is Through Campervan Freedom

Beyond their exceptional fleet, KuKu Campers enables magical Iceland trips thanks to the inherent freedom of campervan travel. Here are some top benefits of choosing a campervan holiday over limited tours or hotels when visiting Iceland:

  • Total Itinerary Flexibility – Go where you want when you want with the ability to change plans along the way. Spontaneously stop to capture that perfect photo or detour down an enticing side road.
  • Intimacy with Nature – Immerse yourself in Iceland’s magnificent scenery through camping amidst the magic whether lakeside, beside a waterfall, or under the Northern Lights.
  • Budget-Friendly – Combine flexible transportation and lodging costs into one simple campervan rental for savings over other options.
  • Cozy Mobile Home – Your van becomes a comfortable hub offering a place to recharge and store luggage while touring Iceland.
  • Escape Tourist Crowds – Venture to lesser-visited areas on your own timetable away from packed tourist buses and attractions.
  • Total Trip Control – Go at your own pace focused only on the experiences that excite you rather than a rigid excursion schedule.

The mobility, freedom, and coziness offered through campervan rental is unparalleled. KuKu Campers opens the doors to Iceland’s wonders.

Top Iceland photography spots accessible by KuKu Campers

Beyond highlights like the Golden Circle, Iceland holds countless photogenic spots waiting to be captured from the open road. Here are some top photography locations reachable in a KuKu Campers van:

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

This classic cascade on Iceland’s south coast features a walking path that goes behind the falls for unique perspectives. With ample parking along the ring road, Seljalandsfoss is easily accessible. Most visits won’t require more than an hour, but limited daylight in winter can impact conditions.

For motion blurs, use slow shutter speeds to convey the cascade’s power as it plunges over 100 feet into a verdant pool below. Frame shots with the falling water surrounded by vibrant green cliffs and mossy stones. Morning and midday tend to have the best lighting.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

The striking contrasts of Reynisfjara make it one of Iceland’s most dramatic beaches. Found just off the main road near Vík, there is a large dirt parking area making access easy. Try to schedule at least 1-2 hours to explore compositions along the 2 mile beach.

Massive basalt rock formations and natural pillars tower over the dark volcanic sands, pounded by the mighty North Atlantic sea. Photograph the bold landforms framed by clouds, coastal caves, and ocean waves. Low tide usually produces the widest sandy areas, but pay close attention to incoming sneaker waves. Sunrise and sunset light helps emphasize texture and shape in the black sand.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Situated at the edge of Vatnajökull glacier, this peaceful lagoon fills with luminous blue icebergs calved from Breiðamerkurjökull. Ample parking is found along the main road with short paths leading to prime lagoon viewpoints. Sunrise and sunset often produce ideal reflections of the slow drifting icebergs in the still waters.

Experiment with ND filters, long exposures, and cropping to emphasize the surreal textures and colors. At over 7 square miles in size, Jökulsárlón rewards those who explore various angles along the broad lagoon over 2 or more hours. July typically brings peak iceberg density.

Godafoss Waterfall

Meaning “waterfall of the gods,” Godafoss is one of Iceland’s most iconic and photogenic falls. Located right off the ring road in North Iceland, there is a large parking lot with short trails to multiple cascade viewpoints.

Plan at least an hour to photograph the stunning fan-shaped waterfall as it plunges nearly 50 feet over dark volcanic rock. Slow shutter speeds help convey the intense motion and power of the falling water. The observation platform on the eastern bank provides the classic wide view, but creative compositions can be found from all angles and elevations. After rainfall, the increased volume creates mesmerizing torrents.

Vestrahorn Mountain

Dramatic jagged peaks make Vestrahorn an incredible photography subject, especially when reflected in the tranquil bay near Stokksnes beach. Parking is available in a large lot right off the main road. Schedule an hour at sunrise if seeking mirror-like reflections with the mountain and neighboring small peaks rising from the smooth waters. Early mornings typically deliver ideal reflections if wind is minimal. The impressive Vestrahorn massif looks stunning from any angle, so explore various focal lengths and side perspectives too. Low tide expands potential foreground interest.

Kirkjufell Mountain

Solitary Kirkjufell has become one of Iceland’s most iconic natural landmarks, especially when framed by the small tarn at its base. Located on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, there is parking near the main road and a short walk leads right to photogenic Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall tumbling down the mountain.

Plan on spending at least an hour exploring compositions from the waterfall outfront to side profiles of the volcanic cone rising from the valley. To emphasize symmetry, center Kirkjufell’s sharp peak mirrored in the tarn with leading lines drawing the eye. But also try shooting tighter angles focused just on the cascading waterfall. Golden hour light often spotlights Kirkjufell most dramatically.

Dynjandi waterfall

Remote Dynjandi reward those who venture into the Westfjords with its mesmerizing seven-stepped cascade. A parking lot sits at the base with trails leading up alongside the massive waterfall. Allow 2-3 hours to photograph from below and above as well as along the descent over travertine rock.

Different levels showcase the incredible power and motion as Dynjandi tumbles 100 meters in total height. Long exposures convey the constant movement through the cascading tears and mist. Try different perspectives and watch how light plays through the billowing veils of water tumbling tier by tier down the sheer cliffside.

With KuKu Campers flexibility, you can freely roam Iceland’s ring road and beyond to capture photography enroute. Pull safely off the road at will when conditions align for that perfect shot.

becky van dijk in a camper in Iceland

Conclusion: KuKu Campers Delivers Iceland’s Ultimate Campervan Experience

From their expansive rental fleet to camping inclusions and friendly service, KuKu Campers equips you for the ideal Iceland road trip tailored to your interests. Their campervans remove lodging limitations so you can chase sunrises, detour down country lanes, and soak in Iceland’s beauty at your leisure.

By providing exceptional vehicles and service combined with local insights, KuKu Campers creates outstanding self-drive holidays. Experience transformative adventures encircled by Iceland’s unspoiled nature from the coziness of your campervan.

Chart your own unforgettable route around Iceland with help from KuKu’s passionate team. Embark on a magical journey where vivid sunsets and alien moonscapes await at every mile. Just beware – the freedom and sublime landscapes may spark an insatiable case of wanderlust! Begin your trip planning at

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