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Escape To: Jnane Tamsna, Marrakech

During our stay at Jnane Tamsna in the heart of Marrakech’s Palmeraie, we found ourselves enchanted by its harmonious blend of Moroccan tradition and chic, modern comfort. This boutique hotel offers a unique, serene experience, perfect for those seeking a peaceful oasis outside of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

In this guide we share our personal experience staying at Jnane Tamsna for three nights, all about the rooms and amenities on site, pros and cons of choosing this hotel and some tips to let you know if this is the right hotel choice for you.

Introducing Jnane Tamsna

Jnane Tamsna boasts one of the most fascinating stories of a boutique hotels. It opened its doors in 2001, the brainchild of the duo, Meryanne Loum-Martin and Dr. Gary Martin, whose combined strengths and talents have crafted an exceptional retreat.

Meryanne, originally a Parisian lawyer, transitioned into a hotelier and has gained international acclaim as a designer. Her aesthetic vision is evident throughout the hotel, creating a visually stunning environment.

Her partner, Dr. Gary Martin, brings his extensive background as a cultural anthropologist and ethnobotanist, along with his experience as a university lecturer and the founder of the Global Diversity Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting local communities and promoting agricultural, biological, and cultural diversity.

The collaborative efforts of this remarkable couple have not only created Jnane Tamsna but also ensured it stands out as a testament to their shared vision and dedication.

Arrival and First Impressions

Upon arrival, you are greeted by the striking landscape of olive groves and lush gardens which feel worlds away from central Marrakech, despite being just a short drive from the main medina.

The hotel reception feels more like stepping into someone’s lavish home, and we immediately felt welcome and relaxed as we checked in and began getting excited to explore the property.

Location and Accessibility

Jnane Tamsna is nestled in the Palmeraie, the palm oasis just outside the bustling center of Marrakech. This location offers a tranquil retreat away from the city yet remains conveniently accessible.

It’s approximately a 20-minute drive to the heart of Marrakech, where guests can explore famous attractions such as the Jemaa el-Fnaa square, the Koutoubia Mosque, and the vibrant souks. This proximity allows for easy access to the cultural and historical highlights of the city, while providing a peaceful haven to return to.

While Jnane Tamsna is a great base to explore Marrakech from, if you have the time we recommend spending a few nights at a riad in Marrakech and then follow this with a couple of nights outside the city in the Palmeraie area. This way you get to experience both sides of Marrakech.

A couple of our favorite places to stay in the city center are The Almaha and La Maison Arabe.


Each of the 24 rooms at Jnane Tamsna is distinctively styled, reflecting the rich, cultural heritage of Morocco combined with a tasteful, modern aesthetic. Our room was spacious and adorned with traditional Moroccan crafts and handwoven textiles, a comfortable king-sized bed draped with high-quality linens, a fireplace and comfortable seating area

Modern amenities were seamlessly integrated, including air conditioning and a sleek ensuite bathroom equipped with organic toiletries.

We also had the opportunity to tour the property and visit several rooms at the hotel, each was uniquely designed with Moroccan art, textiles and furniture. Every room had a luxurious, yet homely feel.

In addition to standard rooms, Jnane Tamsna offers suites that include private terraces or balconies, where guests can enjoy breakfast or sunset views. For families or groups, the villas provide a more private experience, complete with multiple bedrooms, a dedicated living area, and direct access to the pools and gardens. These accommodations are ideal for longer stays, providing all the comforts of home in a luxurious setting.

The attention to detail in each room’s decor and functionality speaks to Jnane Tamsna’s commitment to providing a stay that’s not just comfortable but also deeply embedded in the local culture and landscape. The quiet elegance of the rooms complements the natural beauty and tranquility of the hotel’s surroundings, making every moment of the stay special.

On-site Amenities and Activities

Jnane Tamsna’s facilities are thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of guest needs and interests, enhancing the tranquil and luxurious atmosphere of the hotel. The estate houses five swimming pools, each offering a unique setting—some are perfect for family fun, while others provide a quiet escape for relaxation. The lush gardens surrounding the pools create a picturesque environment for sunbathing or enjoying a quiet afternoon.

For those interested in wellness, the hotel offers a clay tennis court and yoga sessions that can be arranged upon request. The expansive grounds are ideal for morning walks or jogging, allowing guests to connect with the natural beauty of the Palmeraie area.

The hotel also features a library and several lounges that showcase Moroccan art and architecture, providing peaceful retreats for reading or contemplation. These common areas are decorated with items that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Morocco, including crafts made by local artisans.

Additionally, Jnane Tamsna hosts cooking classes in its professional kitchen, giving guests an opportunity to learn about and engage with Moroccan cuisine directly from expert chefs. These classes cover traditional recipes using ingredients from the hotel’s organic gardens, making the dining experience both educational and delightful.

Overall, the facilities at Jnane Tamsna are not just about luxury and comfort; they are integral to the experience of Moroccan culture and the serene lifestyle the hotel promotes.

Dining At Jnane Tamsna

The culinary offerings at Jnane Tamsna are a standout feature, deeply rooted in the rich flavors of Moroccan cuisine yet infused with a contemporary twist. The hotel takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and freshness, with many of the ingredients sourced directly from its own expansive, organic gardens. This farm-to-table approach not only enhances the flavor of each dish but also supports healthy and eco-friendly dining.

Guests can enjoy a variety of dining settings, from elegant indoor dining rooms to al fresco meals by the pool or in the garden – we ate all of our meals outside as the lush gardens are the perfect surroundings for lunch or evening dining. Plus the setting invites conversation amongst guests and we shared stories and tips from our time in Morocco.

The menu changes seasonally, reflecting the availability of local produce and offering guests a dynamic culinary experience throughout the year.

Overall Experience

We cannot recommend a stay at Jnane Tamsna enough, the attention to detail throughout the property in both its design, service and amenities stand out from other boutique hotels.

We loved how nature and luxury were blended seamlessly, how cultural decor and modern amenities provided a comfortable yet authentic Moroccan experience and how the location just 20 minutes from bustling Marrakech center felt like a truly relaxed escape.

Is This The Right Hotel For You?

Jnane Tamsna caters to travelers seeking tranquility and a connection with nature, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a quiet and relaxing environment. Unlike accommodations within the Medina, which often immerse guests in the city’s vibrant chaos, Jnane Tamsna offers a serene oasis away from the noise.

It is perfect for couples, families, and solo travelers who appreciate the beauty of a garden setting and the personal touch of a boutique hotel. Additionally, those interested in sustainable travel will appreciate the hotel’s commitment to organic gardening and local sourcing.

If you’re looking to experience the cultural richness of Marrakech while having a peaceful retreat to return to, Jnane Tamsna is an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons


  • Serene and beautiful environment with well-maintained gardens.
  • Unique, individually styled rooms with all modern comforts.
  • Exceptional dining experience with fresh, organic ingredients.
  • Luxury rooms and amenities provided without losing charm and uniqueness.
  • Plenty of onsite activities and experiences.
  • Easy to travel between the hotel and the Medina by taxi.


  • The secluded location might require planning for transportation if you wish to explore Marrakech frequently, but the hotel staff can assist with arranging this for you.

Booking Your Stay

For more details on booking and upcoming events, visit Jnane Tamsna’s website

Conclusion and Recommendation

We highly recommend Jnane Tamsna for those looking for a peaceful retreat in Marrakech. It’s ideal for couples, families, and solo travelers who appreciate a blend of luxury and tradition in a boutique hotel stay.

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